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Election Officials in Oakland See High Turnout

By Mick Stinelli, Point Park News Service Reports of high voter turnout continued in Oakland where election officials at St. Regis saw over 450 voters of all ages by 4 p.m. Kathy Boykowycz, who’s worked the polls in South Oakland for over 20 years, said at 3:30 this afternoon that 223 people at arrived at her polling location at in... Read More

Monroeville Voters Weigh President’s Immigration Policies While Voting

By Payton Comunale, Point Park News Service A longtime observer at a polling place in Monroeville reported a high voter turnout today for midterm elections, and it appears that immigration was a major influencing factor for some of them. At Cleveland Stewart Elementary — a school within the Gateway School District that falls within Monroeville’s Ward 1 District 3 — voters... Read More

Packed Polls Seeking A Diverse Democracy

By Sara Rae Wisniewski, Point Park News Service In Downtown Pittsburgh, people proudly stamped on “I Voted” stickers, exiting the Carnegie Library on Smithfield Street today. The library opened its polls around 6:30 a.m., with a line out the door. Part of this crowding was caused by a breakdown of polling machine. To guarantee voters voices were accurately heard were people... Read More

Pittsburgh Voters Consider Healthcare and Immigration As They Cast Ballots

By Taylor Mals, Point Park News Service At 10:30 a.m. at the Epiphany Catholic Church located next to PPG Paints Arena, a small congregation of young voters huddled in the parking lot, with older adults scattered throughout. “Pennsylvania is a pretty good representation of what this country is going through,” said 21-year-old Baltimore native and student Sarah Gibson. Gibson and... Read More

Murrysville Voters Say President’s Actions Drew Them To Vote

By Zoe Esperseth, Point Park News Service Around 9:40 a.m. at the Christ’s Lutheran Church in Murrysville, a line of about 50 people stood quietly waiting to vote as more cars poured into the small parking lot. Some voters talked to each other in small groups, but most were silent, slowly inching forward with the line. Margaret Walczak, 62, was one... Read More