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A Quiet Firehouse Turned Polling Station

By Megan McKenzie, Point Park News Service On a rainy Election Day morning at 9 o’clock, voter turnout at the No. 4 Engine House on 1324 Forbes Ave. in Pittsburgh was shockingly scarce. This year’s midterm election is estimated to have one of the highest voter turnouts for those under 35 years old in Pennsylvania’s history. Observations at this polling... Read More

Strip District Voters Stress Importance of Election

By Geoli Yeager, Point Park News Service At about 3 o’clock the polling place at the EMS Training Center was quiet. Autumn leaves danced around the small concrete parking lot as the wind blew strongly. Many people came through going in and coming out 10 minutes later with “I Voted” stickers on their shirts. Experts are predicting this midterm election... Read More

Healthcare On the Minds Of Young Voters

By Max McAuley, Point Park News Service The line of voters coiled within the basement of Epiphany Church of Pittsburgh this afternoon to vote in the midterm election. This midterm election has received more attention than those in the past, particularly from young voters in Pennsylvania who created a registration record for the state. Epiphany Church services students at Point Park... Read More

Election Officials in Oakland See High Turnout

By Mick Stinelli, Point Park News Service Reports of high voter turnout continued in Oakland where election officials at St. Regis saw over 450 voters of all ages by 4 p.m. Kathy Boykowycz, who’s worked the polls in South Oakland for over 20 years, said at 3:30 this afternoon that 223 people at arrived at her polling location at in... Read More