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Point Park student battles leukemia

By Nicholas Horwat, Point Park News Service: Like most college students, she was focused on getting good grades, but she was facing something bigger. One Point Park University student was not only continuing school and maintaining good grades, but also battling acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL).   This student requested to remain anonymous due to the emotional and physical distress the... Read More

Friendly fire is bump in the road for Navy veteran turned Uber driver

By Sabrina Bodon, Point Park News Service: You’d have plenty to read about if you were ever stuck behind Larry Cmar’s Chevy. Veterans. Afghanistan. The Pirates. The Navy. The Steelers. Uber. For a man who’s spent over two decades in the Navy, Cmar takes pleasure in the laid-back environment of being an Uber driver. He says that he’s happy, but... Read More

Pittsburgh LGBT community unites under new administration

By Andrew Henderson, Point Park News Service: There are plenty of chairs in the one-room apartment, but Heidi Simpson prefers to sit on the bed. Simpson, a 32-year old English teacher has lived in the Mount Oliver apartment for many years, and has crafted the former corner store into a representation of herself. With a quick look around her apartment,... Read More