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Pittsburgh LGBT community unites under new administration

By Andrew Henderson, Point Park News Service: There are plenty of chairs in the one-room apartment, but Heidi Simpson prefers to sit on the bed. Simpson, a 32-year old English teacher has lived in the Mount Oliver apartment for many years, and has crafted the former corner store into a representation of herself. With a quick look around her apartment,... Read More

‘Black Women’ documentary explores diversity

By Vania Arthur, Point Park News Service: “Black Women” is a growing documentary that I’m exploring through the lives and lenses of black women. It will touch on intersectionality, sexuality, intimacy, interracial relationships, colorism, and the lives of these women, their struggles and their accomplishments. This video is on Intersectionality through the lens of Fenice Thompson, 20, a student and black... Read More

PPU director of athletic communications reaches more viewers

  By Bryan Partika, Point Park News Service Point Park University’s Kevin Taylor has been an influential member in bringing innovation to the school. As the director of athletic communications and assistant athletic director, Taylor has changed the way viewers can watch Point Park athletic events. When Point Park was a member of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (KIAC), they... Read More

Baseball brings cultures together in Pittsburgh

By Carly Bozick, Point Park News Service: Emmanuel Lopez, Richard Perez and Felix Castillo all have relocated to Pittsburgh from different Caribbean and South American countries for their love of baseball. Lopez, a Puerto Rican native, Perez, a native of Venezuela, and Castillo, a native of the Dominican Republic, are capitalizing on their opportunities to play baseball at the collegiate... Read More

Cameroon and Pittsburgh meet on soccer pitch

 By Christopher Ward, Point Park News Service: The Cameroon Football Development Program started with just a bag of soccer balls and a couple of volunteer coaches, whose goal was to teach life skills to the youth through the game of soccer. Justin Forzano, who founded the organization in 2010, first traveled to Cameroon in 2006 with the University of Dayton... Read More

President Hennigan discusses 2016 Election rhetoric

By Tyler Polk, Point Park News Service: WPPJ Radio host Tyler Polk discusses the controversial statements made by the two 2016 Presidential Election candidates. Listen here: Polk also spoke with Point Park University President Paul Hennigan about the rhetoric used during the 2016 Presidential Election, the importance of voting, and his thoughts on how past elections compare to the current one.... Read More

Pepe the Frog for President?

 2016 Election leads to cutbacks for some social media users Phil Mangis likely never encountered Pepe the Frog. The data collector who works Downtown said he avoids social media and has no plans to get on it. That means he has had little opportunity to discover the popular Internet meme that took a dark turn this election cycle when computer... Read More

Blackberry Meadows farmer talks organic farming

Blackberry Meadows Farm Started in 1989, Blackberry Meadows Farms practices organic farming. Founder of the farm, Greg Boulos talks about what it really means to operate an organic farm, how farmers revitalize soil and what the foods labeled “organic” on grocery store shelves really are. Created by Point Park University student Megan Bixler and Ralph Musthaler, photojournalist with the Salisbury... Read More

Mississippi native adjusts to Pittsburgh while working at the Post-Gazette

By Christopher Ward, Point Park News Service: Lacretia Wimbley, 24, a native of Jackson, Miss. recently graduated from Mississippi State University and is a copy desk editor at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. She came to Pittsburgh in June through an internship program and just received a two-year offer for an associateship to stay at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. . Q: What made... Read More