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Red Kettle Campaign keeps ringing throughout the year

By Emily Balser, Point Park News Service: More than 10,000 Salvation Army ringers collect money for its Red Kettle Campaign across Western Pennsylvania this year. They are most visible at the holidays, but the money helps provide for those in need all through the year. “It doesn’t just go toward Christmas,” said Virginia Knor, director of marketing and public relations... Read More

Catholic nun builds ‘Casa’ for Latino immigrants

By Lauren Dantella, Point Park News Service: In a small Lutheran church basement in Brookline, a Catholic nun is launching her dream of creating a haven for some of the area’s most vulnerable community members with the help of donors and volunteers from all over Pittsburgh. Sister Janice Vanderneck has been assisting Latino immigrants since returning from missionary work in... Read More

Pittsburgh native fighting to ‘revive government’

By Kim Roberts Point Park News Service Stephanie Summers spends her days in Washington, D.C., smack in the middle of conversations about two very touchy subjects: religion and politics. As the Chief Executive Officer for the Center for Public Justice, the 35-year-old Pittsburgh native is particularly busy this election season educating citizens about a biblical role of the government and... Read More

Church members take their faith to the streets

By Kimberly Smith Point Park News Service All Zack Durkin wanted was to meet his friend for lunch at Noodles & Co. in Market Square when he was approached by two men professing about the “female image of God.” The men continued walking down the block with him, pulling out Bibles with highlighted passages in the hopes of convincing 20-year-old... Read More

Pittsburgh students and foreign relations experts respond to ‘Innocence of Muslims’ trailer

By Ligaya Ganster Point Park News Service When Hanan Alshubbar saw numerous expressions of love for the Prophet Muhammad on Facebook last week, she soon learned that the posts were in response to the now-infamous “Innocence of Muslims” YouTube video. For Alshubbar, a 20-year-old Biological Sciences major at Point Park University, the video shows inaccurate portrayals of Muhammad and faulty... Read More

New City Church kicks off weekly services Downtown

By Kim Roberts Point Park News Service Worshipers at the New City Church proclaimed a collective “Amen” during its first weekly service on Sunday, Sept. 9, after over a year of planning, meeting and praying. The church aims to fulfill the spiritual needs of students, young adults and empty nesters in downtown Pittsburgh. “We’d like to create this sense of community because... Read More

Muslim discrimination

By Sean McKeag Point Park News Service Twenty-two-year-old Reem Hobeld in her native garb was at the beverage station at the Pittsburgh Burger Company in the waterfront when a man yelled, “Hey friend! Why do you have that thing on your head? Ain’t you American?” The “thing” that this man referred to was the hijab, or the head scarf for... Read More

Contemporary church in Wexford combines fitness and faith

Orchard Hill Church in Wexford incorporates faith, healthy competition and values into their sports and recreation programs By Natalie Simon Point Park News Service Cindy Runco wanted to bring the 2,500 members of Orchard Hill Church closer together. She wanted a stronger contemporary church community beyond the doors leading into the Heinz Hall replicated theater and stage where mass was... Read More