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PATF medical clinic serves as a one-stop location for HIV clients

By Nicholas Vercilla, Point Park News Service: When Sean DeYoung moved to West Palm Beach Florida in 1991, the HIV/AIDS epidemic was in full swing with thousands of people getting infected and dying. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 29,850 U.S. residents died from HIV infections in 1991. DeYoung, who was passionate about fighting the disease,... Read More

Steel City Parkour owner turns hobby into career

By Edward Trizzino & Michael Richter, Point Park News Service: Christian Winchell, 24, describes parkour as “interacting with the environment with your body.” As a coach at Steel City Parkour in Export, Pa., he practices this almost every day to maximize his potential in this sport. Steel City Parkour, which opened in November 2014, is a gym that was created to... Read More

Legendary comic book writer discusses love of characters

By Neil Strebig, Point Park News Service: Legendary comic book writer and former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief, Tom DeFalco attended the Pittsburgh Comic Con in November. DeFalco has worked on such prolific titles as “Dazzler” and “Thor,” but is most well-known for his time on “The Amazing Spider-Man” series. I was lucky enough to catch up with him and discuss comic books,... Read More

Dramatic increases in drug prices spark debate

By Alicia Green, Point Park News Service: Stuart Fisk has cared for people with HIV/AIDS for 25 years. The Allegheny Health Network nurse practitioner and director of the Positive Health Clinic said he remembers when the drug Daraprim was much more commonly used because a lot more people were sick and dying of the parasitic disease toxoplasmosis. Daraprim is used... Read More

Pittsburgh Muslims work to combat Islamophobia

By Mia Rupani, Point Park News Service: Kelcey Sharkas feels safe identifying as a Muslim in Pittsburgh, but says she is still cautious in light of recent events that are generating both positive and negative reactions toward her religious community. Sharkas serves as director of programming for the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh (ICP) in Oakland. The center is calling last year’s... Read More