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By: Dontae Washington Lifelong Hill District Angela Akers resident has plans to move after 80 years. She worries that a new development backed by the Pittsburgh Penguins will force her to relocate, just like the construction of the former Civic Arena did 70 years ago. “When they are through with the Lower Hill District, they are coming for us,” Akers... Read More

Pittsburgh Designer Leads Upcycling Movement Against Fast Fashion

By: Delta Daley Pittsburgh-based designer Cierra Rauch has launched a local revolution against fast fashion with the clothing designs she has been drawing since she was 10 years old. Her DIY approach to turning old into new resonates with youth who have converted to thrifting and upcycling old clothes, as she creates one-of-a-kind pieces without sacrificing our planet. “The materials... Read More

Local Company Treecup Tea Helping Haiti

By Anthony Cugini   Each bottle of tea Mark Sotomayer and his company, Treecup Tea, sell comes with a seed to plant a tree. College dropout Mark Sotomayer started selling tea using his grandmother’s recipe. “On September 23, 2017, I got caught with marijuana and was suspended until the next semester,” Sotomayer said. “After being super-depressed for a week I was... Read More

Art vs. Vandalism: Color Park

By: Grant Clarke When Ex-Steeler Baron Batch was arrested for graffiti in the summer of 2016, graffiti detective Alphonso Sloan was the man who put the handcuffs on him.    “I would consider us friends even from the beginning,” Sloan said. “He was always a nice, friendly guy, and I think his intentions were a little less being rebellious but more... Read More

COVID Throws a Wrench in the Penguins’ Game Plan

By Joseph Burkhard, Delta Daley, Brandon Kurzawski, and Kevin Turcovsky COVID was not part of the game-plan for the Penguins, but many fans said they remain optimistic about the team’s chances. “I think they’re all young and healthy enough to handle it, and they’ll come out of it strong in the end,” says Rich, who is from Uniontown. After months... Read More

Sam’s Devotions Spreading Kindness

By Hannah Buzza A local non-profit spreading kindness throughout the city. When Vicki Jordan asked for help with supplies for her special education students, Sam’s Devotions responded with pencils, lollipops, crackers, deodorant, sweatshirts, shorts and more. “I sent her a list of things we typically go through the most and told her anything on that list would be helpful in... Read More

Coal Mines Of Pittsburgh

By Leah Revo Coal mine affects on backyards Christina Patterson, 38, of North Baldwin, worries about her children every time they go out to play in their backyard because of the abandoned mine holes that have opened up. Sinkholes forming in residential backyards are causing concern to some homeowners in the Baldwin neighborhood. These craters are causing people to consider... Read More

The Ongoing Holiday Season

By Joseph Burkhard, Delta Daley, Brandon Kurzawski, and Kevin Turcovsky Caroline Lapinkski feels like if you start hearing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” before Thanksgiving, it’s way too soon. The holiday season and Black Friday seem to start earlier every year. Last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many big holiday deals were spread out over... Read More