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Local Businesses Adapting to Pandemic

By Jamella Smith George Luck and Amber Boyd did not time the opening of their new smoothie and tea bar around the pandemic, but they’ve been able to make a go of it despite the COVID-19 virus. For Danielle Blair, a creator, the pandemic is a perfect time to make candles, soaps and bath salts that grew into a business.... Read More

A Pittsburgh-based, successful business woman

By Jamella Smith Alicia Jenkins’ first successful business was a construction firm, which started while reestablishing a relationship with her estranged mother. While she mended things with her mother, Jenkins also realized she was good at business, even during a pandemic. “Everything that I ever thought would be a boundary for me, wasn’t.  There are no boundaries, only what is... Read More

Butler County radio personality impacts community

By Donald Bierhals Bob Cupp gets up no later than 4:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. He grabs a cup of coffee, catches up on sports news for an hour, then “hits the ground running” as he makes his way to the Butler radio station where he has been working for 36 years. Tyler Friel admires Bob Cupp’s ability to make... Read More

Theatre Creator Writes His Plays About Tough Conversations

By Vanessa Vivas At the age of 11, Adil Mansoor chose himself and his identity as a young queer Pakistani boy. At the age of 35, he chose himself again and took an uncomfortable conversation about queerness with his Muslim mother to write a play. Mansoor is a local Pittsburgh theatre director and educator whose work focuses on centering people... Read More

Take a trip to Cuyahoga Valley

By Jared Murphy Originating as a National Recreation Area in 1974, Cuyahoga Valley was redesignated as a national park 26 years later in 2000, making it the only national park that originated as a national recreation area. Cuyahoga Valley is the only national park in Ohio and is the closest park to Pittsburgh.  Cuyahoga Valley is home to about one... Read More