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Funeral homes connect with public online

  By Abby Mathieu, Point Park News Service: Cincinnati’s Walker Funeral Home created a Facebook page two years ago – and it now has 29,000 “likes.” Its posts typically deal with grief, topics for senior citizens, pre-planning funerals,  health issues  and anything else the owners feel might be interesting to their followers. The business has since  added a blog, a Pinterest... Read More

Old school still cool for some gamers

By Marc S. Witkin, Point Park News Service: Malik Cosby would love to have the new Sony PlayStation 4 game console, but he doesn’t see the point of rushing to get one when so many quality games and systems already exist at a much cheaper price. Cosby, 23, of the West End, has its predecessor, the PS3, and he recently... Read More

Console games face increasing popularity of mobile gaming

By Lauren Moore, Point Park News Service: After a 10-hour shift, Ethan Renner likes to switch on his Xbox console, turn up his  headphones and play zombie slayer on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Chalsea Lunglhofer crushes jawbreakers with her lollipop hammer after hours of homework to relax. She advances through the candy factory and around the lemonade lake... Read More

Technology sparks new interest in South Side library

By Emily Balser, Point Park News Service: A middle school student uses an after-school class to create music and videos. A mother brings her child to explore using an iPad. Dozens use the free WiFi. Those are just a few of the things residents can be seen doing at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s South Side branch, which has begun... Read More

Future comes to Oakland: Digital art wall, Wi-Fi lamps

By Akasha Chamberlain, Point Park News Service: Pulling up a website on a laptop from Wi-Fi generated by a nearby lamp post. Finding parking two blocks away through a real-time online network. Enjoying a public digital display featuring rotating galleries of local art during a daily commute.  These concepts may sound like far-fetched dream technologies of tomorrow — but for Oakland,... Read More

Social media reshapes the courts

By Marina Weis Point Park News Service Eleven minutes before the Boston marathon explosions, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, can be seen from security camera footage carrying large backpacks. Footage from another security camera as well as photographs show them walking toward the finish line, according to a criminal complaint. Within three days, the FBI broadcast images of... Read More

Green & Gold: Pens strike it rich in energy efficiency

By Alexandra Perry The Pioneer Before the Pittsburgh Penguins had a serious discussion about turning the all-new CONSOL Energy Center green, most of their intentions were built around cost consciousness, not sustainability. That all changed when the $321 million project’s managers, including LEED certified partners Chris Cieslak and Michael Bernard, deliberately showed Pens officials that sustainable materials would not only... Read More

Profile: Digital Dream Labs LLC

By Lisa Tomblin Point Park News Service While a child used to stack blocks to learn shapes, new inventions adds digital elements to allow them to watch work on an iPad. Instead of Lego’s and robotics toys, DREAM-TABLETOP says its new computer program can enable kids to build things. In short, this group of Carnegie Mellon University graduates hopes to... Read More