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By: Dontae Washington Lifelong Hill District Angela Akers resident has plans to move after 80 years. She worries that a new development backed by the Pittsburgh Penguins will force her to relocate, just like the construction of the former Civic Arena did 70 years ago. “When they are through with the Lower Hill District, they are coming for us,” Akers... Read More

Local Company Treecup Tea Helping Haiti

By Anthony Cugini   Each bottle of tea Mark Sotomayer and his company, Treecup Tea, sell comes with a seed to plant a tree. College dropout Mark Sotomayer started selling tea using his grandmother’s recipe. “On September 23, 2017, I got caught with marijuana and was suspended until the next semester,” Sotomayer said. “After being super-depressed for a week I was... Read More

Pandemic who?

by Elena Troia After many months of government-mandated closures, Miami’s nightlife is back. Mask-less people fill a popular bar called Booze Garden. Photo by: Elena Troia By: Elena Troia For bartender Andres Gonzalez of Racket, a popular club in the Wynwood Walls, it has been “non-stop” for him and his co-workers, as hundreds of people start to fill up the... Read More


By: Andrew D. Otts Regional Real Estate on the Rise Despite COVID A boom in real estate can be seen by the multitude of homes on the market throughout neighborhoods in and around Pittsburgh. Photo Credit: Andrew Otts When Nicole Jackman and her husband first saw the 127-year-old Victorian home in Coraopolis, she was immediately taken by its beauty, so... Read More

Staying Afloat

by Andrew D. Otts Small Businesses Adapt to Changing Times As the pandemic arrived in Pittsburgh, bar owner and local DJ Adam Kulik knew the road ahead looked dismal for his businesses but saw an opportunity to adapt. Like Kulik, business owners across the city began brainstorming new ways to attract customers and create content during these unprecedented circumstances. “We... Read More

Local Businesses Adapting to Pandemic

By Jamella Smith George Luck and Amber Boyd did not time the opening of their new smoothie and tea bar around the pandemic, but they’ve been able to make a go of it despite the COVID-19 virus. For Danielle Blair, a creator, the pandemic is a perfect time to make candles, soaps and bath salts that grew into a business.... Read More

Vintage Style in the Steel City

By Amanda Myers, Point Park News Service The racks of Avalon Exchange in Squirrel Hill are filled with vintage and prime second-hand clothes and young people looking for the best finds. In recent years, younger demographics are buying older, vintage clothing, showing a shift in culture and consumerism. The definition of vintage varies, but it is most often a piece... Read More