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Starbucks plans still brewing

By Casey Hoolahan, Point Park News Service: Note: This article originally appeared in the Point Park Globe, a student-run news outlet serving the Point Park community. As the fall semester begins, there is no official set opening date for the new campus Starbucks location, leaving students without their caffeine fix. In May, the university announced to students via email that... Read More

High costs of elder care concern residents and families

By Jessica Federkeil, Point Park News Service: Sherry Wimer has many concerns when it comes to caring for her mother, Ladonna Herbertson, 79, who suffers from dementia. “I do everything for her,” Wimer, of Sarver, Pa., said. “I do all her finances; she wouldn’t even know where to begin. I do her shopping. I make sure she gets to the... Read More

Steel City Parkour owner turns hobby into career

By Edward Trizzino & Michael Richter, Point Park News Service: Christian Winchell, 24, describes parkour as “interacting with the environment with your body.” As a coach at Steel City Parkour in Export, Pa., he practices this almost every day to maximize his potential in this sport. Steel City Parkour, which opened in November 2014, is a gym that was created to... Read More

Cameroon and Pittsburgh meet on soccer pitch

 By Christopher Ward, Point Park News Service: The Cameroon Football Development Program started with just a bag of soccer balls and a couple of volunteer coaches, whose goal was to teach life skills to the youth through the game of soccer. Justin Forzano, who founded the organization in 2010, first traveled to Cameroon in 2006 with the University of Dayton... Read More

‘Littlest Angels’ helps parents remember babies

By Neil Strebig, Point Park News Service: When Rose Ann Milbert started repurposing wedding gowns into burial gowns for stillborn babies and preemies who passed away, she never imagined the overwhelming amount of positive feedback she would receive. “We provide some comfort for families at a time of loss or about a time they are about to lose their baby... Read More

Brothers’ bakery legacy continues to thrive

By Tyler Polk, Point Park News Service: Nancy Mantsch married into the bakery business. She fell in love after World War II with her husband, Elmer, the youngest of three brothers who all owned their own bakery shops. The older brothers have closed their shops in recent years, and Elmer died in 2011. Mantsch now runs the Mantsch Blue Bonnet... Read More

Social media gives — and takes away

By Christine Manganas, Point Park News Service: Brandi Smith of Smith Brothers Agency, an advertising company on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, addressed a nearly full Lawrence Hall Ballroom Monday, April 11 about her social media encounter with Lena Dunham. Smith, the agency’s digital and social strategist, explained how they composed a Twitter response to the Girls creator and star after a remark... Read More

Pittsburgh cigar shop offers laid-back vibe

By Ben Wyland, Point Park News Service: Pittsburgh’s Strip District can be an overwhelming and a chaotic place for a first-time visitor. Leaf and Bean, a cigar and coffee shop, offsets that chaos and provides a laid-back and slower-paced environment for the busy Strip. Owner Jim Robinson, also known as “Island Jim,” wanted to open a place where he could hang... Read More