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Art vs. Vandalism: Color Park

By: Grant Clarke When Ex-Steeler Baron Batch was arrested for graffiti in the summer of 2016, graffiti detective Alphonso Sloan was the man who put the handcuffs on him.    “I would consider us friends even from the beginning,” Sloan said. “He was always a nice, friendly guy, and I think his intentions were a little less being rebellious but more... Read More

Vox Populus

The Latin words vox populus mean “voice of the people.” Journalists use this phrase to describe a type of storytelling that asks people on the street their opinions about important topics. With this in mind, Point Park University students talked with people in Downtown about some of the biggest stories of the day. COVID-19 pandemic By Nathan Cardillo Jacob Dulya, 18, From... Read More

Theatre Creator Writes His Plays About Tough Conversations

By Vanessa Vivas At the age of 11, Adil Mansoor chose himself and his identity as a young queer Pakistani boy. At the age of 35, he chose himself again and took an uncomfortable conversation about queerness with his Muslim mother to write a play. Mansoor is a local Pittsburgh theatre director and educator whose work focuses on centering people... Read More

Take a trip to Cuyahoga Valley

By Jared Murphy Originating as a National Recreation Area in 1974, Cuyahoga Valley was redesignated as a national park 26 years later in 2000, making it the only national park that originated as a national recreation area. Cuyahoga Valley is the only national park in Ohio and is the closest park to Pittsburgh.  Cuyahoga Valley is home to about one... Read More

Walking Libations Tour

Informative and Sample Heavy Tour Offers Incite to Strip District By Hattie Charney Wigle Whiskey on Smallman Street kicks off the history and libations tour with their bourbon and rye whiskeys. Maggie’s Farm Rum and Pennsylvania Winery bring in groups of like-liquor minded people. Pennsylvania Libations is a roundup of the above places and of distilleries all across Pennsylvania. Marta... Read More

Historic Neighborhoods Slowly Vanishing

A Problem that Only the Natives Understand By Tiara Strong The $32 million Cap Park project is currently under construction in Downtown Pittsburgh. The park is said to reconnect the lower Hill District to downtown, bringing investment opportunities and jobs to the residents of the Hill District. However, not everyone is buying it, as Hill District residents have heard this... Read More

The Witch Journey Out of the Broom Closet

By Miriah Auth Anna Lyons hid her practice of witchcraft after being bullied as a child. When her peers dismissed and invalidated her belief in magic, she went into hiding.  Tatyana Johnson was told she was going to hell by a Tinder date when she invited him to a meeting of witches at Arts & Crafts: Botanica & Occult Shop... Read More

Golden Souls: How local artists are changing the business of wearable art

By Matthew Ryan Miramontes Sarah Sindler always wanted to be an artist, but it was not until she began casting and working with fine metals like gold and silver did she find a career involving wearable art. Other artists like Sakony Burton might have been involved with his clothing brand Désir longer than he has been turning fine metals into... Read More

Body modification options, acceptance rise despite remaining stigmas

By Dara Collins The long history of body modification for Revina Lower started when he was a teenager piercing his ears and eyebrows on his own. In his mid-20s, Lower started tattooing his face, split his tongue and received implants. Now at the age of 44, Lower has lost count of his list of body modifications that includes many more... Read More