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Part two: Fashion Bloggers Take the Pittsburgh Scene by Storm

By: Brittany Maniet, Point Park News Service This story is the second part of a series about local fashion bloggers. Read the first part here. Jessa Gibboney, known as Wavy Alabaster (, started blogging when she and her husband moved to Pittsburgh. “My husband Ben and I made a big life decision about a year and a half ago when... Read More

Fashion Bloggers Take the Pittsburgh Scene by Storm

By: Brittany Maniet, Point Park News Service This story is the first part of a series about local fashion bloggers. Read Part 2 here. Sydney Carver took a chance starting a fashion blog after taking a marketing and public relations class at James Madison University. Forsaking the corporate world when she moved to Pittsburgh, Jessa Gibboney began blogging, styling customers... Read More

Restricted Release Inmates face years alone in a cell

As reform slowly moves through corrections system, are the “worst of the worst” forgotten about?   By Gary Lenigan and Jessica Federkeil, Point Park News Service In 2010, while testifying in his own defense on a rape charge, Robert Polzer stabbed himself in the neck with a pen and screamed “I love you” to his victim, erratic behavior that continued in... Read More

Turning Empty Storefronts into Art venues

By: Krista Marple, Point Park News Service Pittsburgh is one of the many cities that are making better use of empty storefronts by transforming them into art galleries joining cities like Chicago, Vermont, Connecticut and New York City making this cultural change. Artists are being offered temporary spaces to showcase their work at a discounted or even no cost price... Read More

Young and Single Mothers: Episode Two

By: Gracey Evans, Point Park News Service Young and Single Mothers is a series following Abbey Lovett on her journey while raising her son as a young and single mother. She gave birth to her son Grayson when she was 19 and has taken care of him by herself ever since. This series shows the good and bad about how it... Read More

Finding a home for eSports in Pittsburgh

By: Brandi Ogrodowski, Point Park News Service When James O’Connor was in the Marines, he injured his shoulder playing football and had to stop playing the sport he loved. After a friend recommended the online computer game Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS GO), O’Connor, played it to pass the time and quickly fell in love. He loved it so much that... Read More

Burgeoning podcast business grows

By: Matt Petras, Point Park News Service Frank Murgia works over 70 hours between his two jobs as the Pittsburgh Podcast Network executive producer, and Talent Network, Inc.’s digital media creative director. He frequently listens to motivational podcasts and identifies the podcasting business as tough. “There’s many days I think kind of jumped the shark a little bit... Read More

High poverty levels sparks community action

Residents and school fight poverty by providing free food and after-school programs By: Lauren Ortego, Point Park News Service In an area facing severe food insecurity and poverty, Stacy Oden responded the only way she knew how: action, popsicles and a rotisserie hot dog stand. “I saw there was a need for safe places for kids to go and have... Read More