Student Run Media

Point Park News Service is a student-run multimedia wire service that makes it possible for students to publish their work in professional outlets starting from their first day of class. Our students’ work has appeared in the Associated Press,, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Whirl magazine, Pop City, Pittsburgh City Paper and newspapers around the country.

Join the independent Student Run Media for class credit or extracurricular experience.

When students in the School of Communication produce professional-quality work, this news service website makes that content available to media outlets for free publication. All we ask is that they give students credit, and let us know where the content appears. Stringer fees from professional outlets are welcome but not required.

News outlets, meanwhile, benefit from accessing high-quality, edited content from the fresh perspective of young reporters. Point Park journalism students already are developing creative story ideas and reporting them with vibrancy. The news service allows publishers to access that content – and it introduces them to the best of Pittsburgh’s next generation of communication professionals.

Our Staff

Zoey Angelucci – 

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Andrew Conte – Adviser,