By Hannah Buzza

A local non-profit spreading kindness throughout the city.

When Vicki Jordan asked for help with supplies for her special education students, Sam’s Devotions responded with pencils, lollipops, crackers, deodorant, sweatshirts, shorts and more. “I sent her a list of things we typically go through the most and told her anything on that list would be helpful in my classroom,” Jordan, 50, of Uniontown, said. “The amount of stuff I began receiving from Amazon because of Sam’s Devotions was incredible.”

Sam’s Devotions is a local non-profit that shares random acts of kindness in memory of Sam Hundley, who died of an accidental drug overdose in 2015. The organization seeks to spread kindness and change the lives of those in need.

The nonprofit was created by Jen Dulski, who was a friend of Sam’s. Sue George, the vice president of Sam’s Devotions described Sam as an “amazing soul who left this earth much too soon… with a heart of gold who loved children, the elderly, and dogs.”

Sam’s Devotions focuses on two things: randoms acts of kindness and “Sam’s Kid.”

George said, “We do random acts of kindness for Sam’s birthday and angelversary each year. We also do them for folks we come across who just need to know they matter and that there is still kindness in this world.”

Random acts of kindness began in honor of Sam’s giving spirit. “Sam loved people and liked to make them happy,” George said. We just want to keep her giving spirit alive, she loved to help others, we just follow where she leads us.”

“Sam’s Kid” focuses on giving a child facing a life-threatening illness a day to relax and smile, honoring Sam’s love for children.

“Each month we choose a child who is battling a life-threatening illness and we treat them to a day of smiles,” George said. “They let us know what would make them smile for a day. We’ve done camping trips, shopping sprees, tickets to monster trucks, home ball-pits, gaming chairs, zoo trips, and so much more.”

Susan Atherton, 40, Westview, is a parent whose child had been one of “Sam’s Kids.” Her son suffered from a brain tumor, and she was looking for help celebrating his 15th birthday. “I got in contact with Sam’s Devotions when I made a post asking for help with my son’s 15th birthday,” Atherton said. “Sue had reached out to me saying that Sam’s would love to help, and they sure did. Clothes, blocks, snacks, it was truly amazing what they did for my son and took a huge load off my back.”

Sam’s Devotions delivered with their promise of giving a day full of smiles, she said. “I felt more than grateful and blessed afterwards as I saw how happy my son was with the gifts and the thought they put into them,” Atherton said. “Not only did it help with his birthday but it helped with school as well.”

For George at Sam’s Devotions, the mission is the same as it was when it all began: “We started to keep her memory alive. She didn’t deserve the hand she was dealt in this life, and we don’t ever want her to be forgotten. We just hope to continue to share kindness in a world where that seems to be forgotten.”

Keeping Sam’s memory alive and helping the Pittsburgh region as well as sharing random acts of kindness worldwide is what drives Sam’s Devotions, she said.

Teresa Gregory, a business professor at Point Park University said, “Nonprofits, such as Sam’s Devotions are successful because they are serving an important community need.”
“The organization is wonderful,” Atherton said. “They truly do care and are very generous to say the least.”

Jordan, the special needs instructor, also praised the organization.

“I cannot say enough about how blessed we are with the generosity and kindness from an organization that I hadn’t heard of before Sue reached out to me,” she said.

If you or someone you know is interested in making a donation to Sam’s Devotions, please visit: