The following photos and cutlines were taken and written by Chris Rolinson’s Introduction to Photojournalism students.

Smithfield Street’s Human Services Building presented empty early afternoon. The building operates as a polling location during elections. (Photo by Frank Smith)

Michael Walsh, a junior Point Park University student, researches the mayoral candidates’ policies before heading to the polls in Downtown Pittsburgh. Walsh, an Allegheny County resident, viewed both Tony Moreno’s and Ed Gainey’s websites as well as reading a few local articles in order to properly educate himself before voting. “I feel like it’s super important to educate yourself before voting,” said Walsh. “If you don’t, there’s really no point of voting.” (Photo by Zoey Angelucci)

Poll workers and voters are seen inside of the Volunteer Fire Department building, located in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.  Compared to previous years, waiting in line this time was scare, and people that cast votes did so quickly. (Photo by Justin Stewart)

Signs point to the Downtown polling location on Tuesday evening. The Human Services Building on Smithfield Street still passed out “I Voted” stickers close to polls closing. (Photo by Tia Bailey)

Brimming with confidence over his election day vote, Darious Singelton is pictured outside of the Human Services building voting poll on Smithfield Street in downtown Pittsburgh. Singleton is 26 years old and is from Houston, Texas. (Picture by Winnie Bobbitt)

The basement of the Smithfield Street Human Services building on Election Day Pittsburgh. The building is a first-time voting place for the residents of Pittsburgh and was fairly sparse of voters this year in comparison to 2020 (Photo taken by Mason Strawn).