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Manifestation: What it is and how it works

By Geena Provenzano

Last Spring, quarantine left the entire world in a type of isolation it has never experienced before. Thanks to TikTok, people were able to find creative ways to cure their boredom. Some turned to dancing. Some turned to cooking. And some turned to magic.

Over the summer, thousands of TikTok users shared their experiences with manifestation, sparking a worldwide trend. TikTok is a social platform made of short videos produced by its users. The videos can be anywhere between 15 and 60 seconds long and are shared on a feed that reaches viewers all over the world.

Manifestation is the result of the law of attraction. It’s sort of karmic in a way—but without the negativity. It’s the idea that positive things will happen if you express enough positive thoughts. That if you consistently put something out in the universe, it will become real. According to the law of attraction expert, Katherine Hurst, manifestation originates from Christian and Buddhist beliefs but became popular in the early 19th Century.

There are many different ways to manifest. Those that have become popular on TikTok revolve around “scripting”—writing down your desires. Others emphasize repeating numbers, and even special sounds. And in terms of what to manifest? Those opportunities seem to be endless. Common themes include love, money, and health.

The 3,6,9 Method

According to TikTok user @Alexandriagwenx, write the object of what is being manifested three times. Then, write the intention of the object six times, Finally, write how the result will happen nine times.

She also suggests writing the statements in either past or present tense, as if it has already happened. Don’t write it in the future. Her example was 1. Phone; 2: Mom bought me a phone; 3: She bought it this August.

The 33 x 3 method

The 33 x 3 method is very similar to the 3,6,9 method in the sense that it involves writing, numbers, and repetition. TikTok user @tavinstacy says to come up with an intention, and then write it down 33 times each day for three days. For extra strength, try writing it 55 times a day for five days.

Repeating affirmations after writing out this script is also recommended by user @Princesstanny. She uses the phrases “I am loved,” “I am worthy,” and “Success and prosperity flow through me with great abundance.”

Vision Board/Visualization:

@Madelineaford created a board with campaigns from Guess and Victoria’s Secret in order to jump start her modeling career. Constantly visualizing one’s self in these situations with a clear mind can also do the trick.

User @oliveee_ says visualization is a good option for changing an appearance.

Other Tips Tik Tok Users Recommend:

  • @whosstaralex mentions manifesting something that adds value to the universe will make it more likely to become true. She uses the example, someone wanting to be famous, but also wanting to be charitable.
  • Some users, like @Itsmeskyv say simply stumbling across a manifestation video is not a coincidence. It’s a sign to start manifesting.
  • Manifesting or meditating to the sound frequency of 528hz can strengthen the intention. It is also said that other frequencies, like 417hz, can help with anxiety and sleep.

So after trying these out, when should an outcome be expected? That likely depends on what is being manifested. If the theme is something more concrete, like getting a good grade on a test, results should come the day of the test. But manifesting something like falling in love may take some time. The more specific the intention is, the more likely the outcome will occur at a certain time.

In the past, Point Park University senior Jeremy Drischler has attempted to manifest a relationship and money. His results are still pending, but that hasn’t made him lose hope.

“It is important to have hope and beliefs in our world and lives,” Drischler said. “Some may think it’s interesting or weird, but speaking things into existence I believe is a very helpful tactic.”

Holly Monroe, a freshman at West Virginia University, got results immediately. Monroe tried the 3,6,9 method in hopes of getting out of having to help her friend move out of her house.

“The night before I was supposed to help her, I tried it. The next morning I had asked my friend if she still needed help moving out, but she said she got everything figured out and I was in the clear,” Monroe said.

Monroe was skeptical at first, and was quite surprised when it worked. And after her own experience, she recommends that other people try it too.

“It’s not a guaranteed outcome,” Monroe said. However, there’s still a good possibility that you get the results that you’re looking for.

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