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Struggling with Adjustments

By Halle Compton

Being stuck at home was not something I wanted to do during my final month of school. But due to unforeseen circumstances, things aren’t where a lot of people want it to be. Personally, I hate being home. I hate being cooped up. It doesn’t help my anxiety much. Hearing news about the virus irks me and makes me worry. 

With the weather warming up I should be outside, soaking up the nice sun rays. But instead I spend my days sleeping till 4 in the afternoon and staying awake until 6 in the morning. My sleep schedule is a mess, and my motivation to do things has disappeared. 

I try to distract myself by watching shows or playing online games with friends. Talking to my friends is the only thing keeping me sane right now. I’d like to go back to work, but with school and the virus, I find it hard to return. I’m bound to my bed most days. My only solace is when I get to leave with my aunt to go grocery shopping, but that’s every other week. 

What hurts me is knowing I’m not doing my best. I’m too worried about things, and worrying about my family, my friends. I’m not taking the time to look after myself. My family had a scare when my cousin started to feel ill, but luckily it was just a sinus infection. But you could imagine what was going through my head. That week was awful for me. 

Adjusting to online classes was a major struggle. It’s not my cup of tea, but what can I do? I tried to stick it out, but my motivation to do work started slacking over time. I’d keep telling myself that I’d get around to it, but then I wouldn’t. I’d just keep putting it off. 

My message to people is to set a routine, set a schedule and stick to it. Keep your mind busy, talk to your family and friends. Reach out and check up on others. Pick up a hobby, learn something new. But more importantly, please look after yourself and worry about your needs first. 

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