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Roadblocks and Struggles in Difficult Times

By Tia Bailey

It seemed like it all happened so quickly: Schools were closing down and moving online, and suddenly we were all home, in quarantine, working on our courses online and unable to leave our houses.  This has been the biggest change for me, as I am the kind of person who learns best in a classroom, and the kind of person who is very social. 

Being taken away from my classes, job and friends has been a huge struggle for me. With classes, it is hard to keep up because being home makes me feel as if I’m on break or as if the semester is over. Waking up, attending online classes and trying not to fall behind all at the same time is very difficult.   

My personal life has been experiencing some major changes, too. My family and I just moved, so when I moved out of school, I had to move in times two. I hadn’t been back to move all of my stuff from the old house quite yet. I also had to do all of this while still attending online classes. It is not as hectic as that first week was anymore, but it is still a very big change. 

Because of these changes, I have had to find ways to adjust as best as I possibly can. It hasn’t been easy, and it still isn’t the same, but some of it is working with me.   

Keeping up with classes was the biggest roadblock for me. In my head, I am on a break from school at the moment, and getting out of that mindset has been difficult. I have tried to maintain a routine as much as possible, and that has been working in some ways. It seems that whenever I get on track with one class, I fall behind in another. Finding a balance is still something I’m working on. 

The routine I have been trying to stick to is to attend class at its normally scheduled time for those that do meet online. For the ones that don’t, I have been setting reminders on my phone to frequently check the Schoology page and copy down the notes that professors have been posting. I also use my planner the same way I did when we were still attending in-person classes. 

Socially, I have been feeling thankful that we live in this age of technology because that is the only way I have been able to reach out to my friends. I make frequent use of things like FaceTime and Zoom, and I still text and use social media as normal. Although this isn’t even close to normal for us, we are all still making the best of what we have.

I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is to take advantage of what we have, and be as thankful as possible for it. I’m so thankful for things like technology and even just the people I have in my life.  Not being able to see these people has strengthened my appreciation for them.

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