By Trish Miralles

Point Park’s women’s basketball started last season using a more assertive approach to recruiting beyond state lines, placing a record total of six players from Ohio on the roster. These efforts were shown to have paid off, as the team successfully ended this past season with numerous regional awards. One standout player is Ohio native and freshman forensic science major, Taylor Rinn, who finished her first season ranked 8th in offensive rebounds per game and 14th in total rebounds by NAIA, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA along the way.

Throughout last season, Point Park WBB assistant coach and lead recruiter Andrew Kurzawski expressed his continuous excitement and appreciation to have met “talented Ohio Hoopers to add to [the] program.” Rinn’s basketball journey started in the third grade when she joined her elementary basketball team coached by her father who was also her biggest inspiration. 

“It was a way that bonded and we both love playing and watching the game,” Rinn said.

Her performance was brought into prominence in high school where she received many different state awards for her prominent role in leading her league to win twice as a four-year letterman.

Beyond the court, Kurzawski also searched for athletes who “excel in the classroom.” For Rinn, this proved to be no challenge as she is accustomed to academic rigor. Her high school transcript is filled with honors classes and college courses from The University of Akron. She described her high school schedule as “pretty similar to what my schedule looks like now. I had class at The University of Akron morning and then in the afternoon, I would go to my high school for practice and games.”

In college, Rinn described her in-season schedule “a little bit busier, having to travel a lot further for games to play teams that are more skilled than those I played in high school but my coaches here are encouraging and willing to take time to work with me to make me a better player.” 

As a 4.0 college student, Rinn’s stellar academic performance in the classroom equally matches up to her success on the court. Point Park’s forensic science program played an important factor in her decision to commit. “The school’s CSI house is a really cool opportunity that not many schools have and program director Mr. Strimlan is very knowledgeable and has many connections in the field,” she said.  

After she graduates, Rinn plans to further pursue her academic passion—medicine. She plans to attend medical school with the goal of becoming a forensic pathologist. 

“Right now my favorite classes are my biology and chemistry lab; I love the hands-on aspect,” Rinn said.

At Point Park, she looks forward to “taking a few rotations in autopsy pathology as well as pathology in the lab setting.” She attributes her ability to perfectly balance both of her passions “by being organized and using my time wisely.”

When asked about her experience attending college in the Steel City, Rinn responded, “Personally I like college better than high school both academically and athletically. On the court, I’ve been surrounded by amazing and talented teammates that have helped and encouraged me all year long.” Her best friends and teammates Sierra Dawson ‘21 and Caitlin Wiscombe ’23 would describe her as “determined and fun to be with whether on the court or during adventures around Pittsburgh.” Rinn added, “I love Pittsburgh. There is always something going on in the city which is what attracted me to the school. Market Square has good food and a wide range of restaurants from Subway to The Yard.”

Taylor Rinn, a freshman forensic science major and member of the Women’s Basketball team at Point Park University.