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Young Voters Flock to Epiphany Church

By Tia Bailey, Point Park News Service

“This is insane,” was heard often from voters as they stood in a line that wrapped around the inside of Epiphany Catholic Church.

The voting stations at the church overflowed with eager voters — most of whom were students. The increase in young voters was predicted, but many there were surprised at the number of young people who actually came out to vote.

Buffalo native Karleen Rogalski, 21, came out to Epiphany to cast her vote this evening. She registered to vote in Pittsburgh since she’s a student at Point Park University. She’s a registered Democrat, and she has voted twice now. Rogalski is pro-universal health care as she is a dancer who will need health care.

“I’m studying dance, which isn’t a high-paying profession. I’m going to need health care,” she said.

Her disapproval of President Donald Trump did influence her vote. “He’s not a good person, and he needs to be out,” she said.

Eighteen-year-old Point Park student Alex Sutch also believes in universal health care. “The more people that have [health care], the better off everyone is,” the registered Democrat said. He plans to vote in every election, because “if nobody cared, nothing would change.”

Not everyone who voted supported their registered parties. Madeline Gist, 21, is a registered Republican, but she voted Democrat in the midterm election. The Duquesne University student is pro-immigration and pro-universal health care but against Trump.

Philly native Brooklyn Taylor also does not approve of Trump, and she is pro-immigration and thinks everyone should have access to health care. She’s a Democrat and always votes because it’s her civic duty.

Crystal Boyd, a 22-year-old Point Park University student, tries to always vote. “Look at who’s in power,” she said, and laughed.

She’s a registered Democrat and is pro-immigration and pro-universal health care. She does not like the president’s way of doing things and thinks that “the way he goes about things is not good.”

Some people said they did not believe that the increase of young voters will not make a difference.

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