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Voters in Monroeville Voice Opinions on Trump

By Christiana Cates, Point Park News Service

Voters gathered today at the Municipal Building in Monroeville to participate in the General Election which serves Ward 6 District 9.

Voters assembled themselves in a room with the two lines reaching out into the lobby. At 1:15 p.m., the location was mildly crowded, with voters moving toward the seven machines resembling black kiosks within the room where the actual voting took place.

Alma Goudelock, 79, a retired Monroeville native, was a poll organizer at one of the two tables. Goudelock said there had not been any disputes, although a few voters had issues with registering to vote because of last-minute decisions and coming to incorrect voting locations.

Voters stood in line and then entered the room quickly upon arrival there.

Charles King Jr., a 29-year-old state trooper, is a registered Democrat. King stated he is concerned with various issues, “a plethora of issues … one point being state pensions, health care and the overall representation of the U.S. government.” He believes that health care is a crucial reason in why he voted, and he is disappointed with President Donald Trump as the commander-in-chief.

Donald Covington, 64, a retired Monroeville resident, is also a Democrat. He stated his goal is to have President Donald Trump impeached. Immigration concerns were primarily what influenced him to vote.

“I think President Trump is not an inclusive president. He divides the nation, [and] he incites people,” Covington said.

Brenda Harrison, a 61-year-old retired Monroeville resident, agrees with him. A Democrat, Harrison stated, “I want President Trump to be impeached. Hopefully, if we can get Democrats to have the majority in the Senate and in Congress, we could get him out of that position.”

She disapproves of President Trump and says he is disrespectful to women. He doesn’t give them a “fair chance.”

At around 2:30 p.m., the polling center became more crowded, but there still was not a lot of commotion.

There was not any political rhetoric, and the crowd mostly consisted of older individuals.

Sandra Allen, a disabled 55-year-old Monroeville resident, said she is supporting the Democratic party. Her focus was on immigration more than health care. Allen claimed, “I disapprove of him [Donald Trump] period. … The atmosphere of hatred in the U.S., I’ve never seen it before.”

Antonio Thompson, 24, a direct care worker from Monroeville, is a Democrat who wants lower taxes for the middle class. Thompson did not feel strongly on these matters and said that it did not matter who was president, he would feel the same.

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