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Healthcare On the Minds Of Young Voters

By Max McAuley, Point Park News Service

The line of voters coiled within the basement of Epiphany Church of Pittsburgh this afternoon to vote in the midterm election.

This midterm election has received more attention than those in the past, particularly from young voters in Pennsylvania who created a registration record for the state.

Epiphany Church services students at Point Park University and Duquesne University.

The line of voters wrapped itself around the church basement to accommodate for the number of voters. The vast majority of these voters were students, many of whom were voting for their first or second time.

Brooke Buckley, a pharmaceutical student at Duquesne from Reading, Pa., aligns herself with the Republican Party. Buckley feels that “every vote counts, and I wanted my voice to be heard.”

As a pharmaceutical student, she wishes for a stronger health care system.

Jillian Sinko, a dance major at Point Park from Bethlehem, Pa., decided to vote today to use her voice for change.

As a Democrat, Sinko believes “Health care is a right for every citizen.” In Sinko’s opinion, “Donald Trump is more of a celebrity than a leader of a nation.”

Epiphany Church began to gather more voters in line as people got off work and classes were dismissed, coiling within the basement of Epiphany Church of Pittsburgh.

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