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Pittsburghers Consider the Country’s Progress When Voting

By Cole McCarthy, Point Park News Service

On Election Day, many new registered voters will be deciding who they want to lead their state for the first time.

The Church of the Epiphany at Washington Place and Centre Avenue, right next to PPG Paints Arena, was crowded inside earlier today with about 200 citizens hungry to make a difference for their country.

Marlyn Robuck of Pittsburgh worked the polling booth and talked about the state of the country and where she wants it to be. “Hopefully, the country is striving forward. We aren’t in a good place, but we aren’t in a bad place,” she said.

Robuck said she is moderate on health care and immigration laws.

“There’s some good sides to it, and there’s some bad sides to it,” she said.

Retiree Sam Harris of Pittsburgh wishes the country could just restart from the beginning.

“I think our country needs to hit the reset button, and hopefully we can help make that happen,” he said.

The only Republican who was willing to express his beliefs was Robert Morris University student Brendan Henne of Cranberry.

“I believe [the country] is progressing in the right direction obviously with the presidential election win with President Trump a couple years ago,” he said.

Henne is happy the government is addressing health care and immigration laws and hopes it continues.

“I feel strongly that we should have strong borders with all the incidents happening with killings of innocent Americans from illegal immigrants, so yes, that played with my vote to swing towards the Republican side.”

Although voters with different beliefs were together in the building, no arguments were evident. Each voter was talking with others quietly and peacefully in one organized line.

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