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Penn Hills Voters Eyeing Progress This Election

By Davion Traylor, Point Park News Service

At the Victory Temple church located in Penn Hills, there was a high turnout of voters talking about the current government. Many people were in good spirits, believing that this could be the election where things could turn around for the better part of the future.

Donovan Gibson, 18, of Penn Hills was voting for the first time today. When asked about immigration or healthcare having an influence on his vote, Gibson said that “it wasn’t a huge concern” for him.

However, he says that he disapproves of President Donald Trump, and he “needs to be gone.” Gibson was not the only one in line who felt this way.

Mona White, 55, of Penn Hills says she voted today because “it is my right and I am going to exercise that right.” Healthcare and immigration affected her vote and, as far as other issues, she says “there are a lot of issues in the world, this is the only way to resolve the major ones.”

Voter Mary Hughes, 63, Penn Hills says that “the economy is great not only in this area [Pennsylvania]; but around the country.”

She also says that President Donald Trump has lived up to promises he made in his campaign and deserves some slack for his hard work and dedication to this country.

There were other Republican voters who also claimed the same ideas, but they did not want to be named.

One of these voters said that “the Democrats are bashful and demeaning of Republicans.” They also stressed their agreement with President Trump’s accusations of “fake news” outlets like CNN and The New York Times. They said FOX News is their source to watch and receive information.

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