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Packed Polls Seeking A Diverse Democracy

By Sara Rae Wisniewski, Point Park News Service

In Downtown Pittsburgh, people proudly stamped on “I Voted” stickers, exiting the Carnegie Library on Smithfield Street today. The library opened its polls around 6:30 a.m., with a line out the door. Part of this crowding was caused by a breakdown of polling machine.

To guarantee voters voices were accurately heard were people like Karen Miyares, who is volunteering through Election Protection. Today, Miyares has a front row seat to this election.

Miyares said she’s seen people of different demographics, races, ages and genders. She said she was pleased to see the diversity among voters. 

“People have really stepped up this election. People are really committed to making this election important,” said Miyares.

Despite the various demographics, a majority of voters were registered Democrats. These voters said they came out to vote for many reasons, but the main reason came to President Donald Trump.

Liz Wright came out to vote as a way to be heard in Washington. She had no specific issues in mind, just against Trump’s orders.

“My disapproval of President Trump certainly had an influence on my votes today. That is a big yes,” Wright declared.

Jim Bobick, another Democrat, agreed by saying Trump’s attitudes and choices were the sole reason he came out to vote.

“The man is sick. He is absolutely terrible. We need him out of Washington,” said Bobick.

This ideology continued throughout a lot of the voters leaving the library today. Many voters were more concerned with issues taking place in Washington, rather than locally in Pittsburgh.

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