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Part two: Fashion Bloggers Take the Pittsburgh Scene by Storm

By: Brittany Maniet, Point Park News Service

This story is the second part of a series about local fashion bloggers. Read the first part here.

Jessa Gibboney, known as Wavy Alabaster (, started blogging when she and her husband moved to Pittsburgh.

Photo from Wavy Alabaster

“My husband Ben and I made a big life decision about a year and a half ago when we moved from Philly in May of 2014,” said Gibboney. While in Philadelphia she worked in the corporate grind of the sports industry. Gibboney finds that she has very two distinct sides of herself, one who is tomboyish other side is always focusing on fashion.

She and her husband decided if they were going to pick up and move to Pittsburgh that this would be the perfect time for her to start over. She began working at Free People to start to make money. She has always loved to write and always kept journals throughout her life.

“My mom gave me the best gift ever, when I was a senior in high school she journaled everyday of senior year of high school from her perspective,” said Gibboney. An idea that became the template for her blog years later. The blog focuses on her personal fashion and styling but has grown to work with retailers and brands.

“I never intended for it to go that typical blogger route where I am promoting things or wearing certain designs things like that but it’s kind of taking that turn,” Gibboney said. “I’m just following it right now trying to be a yes woman, saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way.”

These opportunities include working with local boutiques and magazines, such as in Rosewood, a boutique based in Sewickley, PA Holiday Style Guide.

“It’s amazing the avenues that blogging has paved for me to and collaborate with people. I love connecting with people and chatting with people and learning all about their stories,” said Gibboney.

A lot of the bloggers in Pittsburgh aren’t making monetary amounts of blogging according to her, they are just doing it because they love what they do. She thinks there is something to be said for that. As to her fashion, she finds many people to have influenced her style such as other bloggers and family members. That style has evolved into mixing different styles to create her own look.

“My mother tells me this all the time, but my grandmother passed away when I was two, but she was the creative type of the family. She was the one who always made you sit down and do projects she was the one who would wear a shirt take it off and cut it up and then re-wear it a different way. My mom tells me all of these stories. I like to think that she has this sort of influence on me even though I don’t remember her; I love that,” said Gibboney.

Gibboney thinks you can tell a lot about a person based on what they wear. She loves to see people’s personalities in what they wear, even people you don’t know.

“This has been said before, but when you feel great about what you are in you are gonna walk taller, you’re gonna smile, you are going to just feel good about what you are in. There’s a lot of inner beauty, but a little outside can’t hurt either,” said Gibboney. She finds people are really drawn to confidence and when you are comfortable in an outfit it really comes out and shows off so much. For her, that comes when she will wear a cut off band tee because she is free to expose her arms.

“I am very comfortable and very casual. I like menswear-inspired stuff a lot and I wear a lot of my husband’s stuff because I think there is this really cool edge to oversized,” said Gibboney.

She enjoyed playing with shapes lately. She’s all about being comfortable and a little bit more natural. Not necessarily in prints and colors but specifically with her hair which she doesn’t really change because she loves how wild and wavy it is but in her style, it’s very day of.

“[Fashion] is constantly changing and evolving. I could look like a 1950s Scarlet one day with chucks on but then the next day I’m gonna do ripped jeans and a t-shirt with platform heels,” said Gibboney.

She finds her style to be tough. Through blogging, she has begun to explore many aspects of fashion and the industry such as styling and working with retailers and brands.

“I think Pittsburgh being the gritty and the industry that is here and the blue-collar kind of influence,” said Gibboney. She feels that she was meant to move here and has loved her style more than ever since moving here.

“Every place influences you and your style. I feel like here it is more tough, but the women I meet here and who are featured in magazines local to Pittsburgh has a big put together look to them,” said Gibboney. The style here is booming here with all the events going on and the upcoming bloggers Gibboney feels. Even though Pittsburgh is kind of nitty-gritty but she feels that there is a lot of high fashion moments here.

“I hope people begin to identify with Pittsburgh. There is a lot of cool creative minds here and I think it’s neat to be true to your style,” said Gibboney.

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