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Millennials provide unique perspective for PointClickPGH

Jena Cormas writes a first-person account of her reality with anorexia. Photo by Chloe Jakiela.

Editors of PointClickPgh know the cares and concerns about millennials because, well, that’s who they are. The latest edition of Point Park University’s online magazine features fresh takes from multiple perspectives on the issues facing this young generation…

Looking around the room, we realized that we all had one thing in common. We are millennials, and it was only fitting to focus our production on the issues we encounter every day. Whether it’s finding a cheap place to get coffee or trying to find affordable housing around the city, there are issues big and small that need to be addressed.

We explored a wide variety of topics in our short 15-week semester together. Our biggest undertaking was the heroin plague of Washington County. Our lead reporter Anthony Mendicino took the issue head-on, speaking with rehab centers and even the district attorney. He managed to explore what leads to addiction, and how the state has dealt with the epidemic, but we didn’t stop there.

Our reporters Cassandra Hershberger and Madison Vranish dug deeper, providing readers with in-depth stories of how addiction crippled lives and destroyed families. One of our more heart-wrenching pieces came from Kayla Belovich, who wrote a moving first-person narrative on how heroin addiction tore her family apart.

Heroin addition grips Washington County, an issue explored by Madison Vranish.
Heroin addiction grips Washington County, an issue explored by Madison Vranish.

Jena Cormas wrote a piece informing people about the severity of eating disorders, especially when it comes to millennials. This piece was gripping, but it was nothing compared to her first-hand account of her own experiences dealing with anorexia.

Section editor Alicia Green showcased how politically active millennials are, and their desire to fight for issues important to them. While Green focused on activism, our reporters Courtney Giles and Julie Kooser put their efforts into learning about what options millennials have once they’ve graduated college. Both reporters found millennials willing to share their successes and perils in finding affordable housing.

Hannah Harley seeks out Pittsburgh's cheap entertainment options.
Hannah Harley seeks out Pittsburgh’s cheap entertainment options.

Hannah Lapiska and Vania Arthur supplied our publication with affordable places to go on a date, while Gabrielle Renfro revealed under the radar café locations throughout the city. as well as breathtaking pictures to fill out the magazine. Even though we had such a strong focus on food with our last two entries, Hannah Harley branched out and provided readers with several cheap, unconventional entertainment options in Pittsburgh.

Finally, Chloe Jakiela provided several breathtaking shots of areas including Pittsburgh and New York City that added a bit of flair to our publication.

This truly was a coordinated effort, and one that we will showcase for many years to come. We only hope that readers can learn something about millennials after reading from PointClickPGH.

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