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Students’ spring break plans include earning income, having fun

Students are choosing between spring break vacations and earning extra money this year. Photo: Sarah Collins | Point Park News Service
Students are choosing between spring break vacations and earning extra money this year.
Photo: Sarah Collins | Point Park News Service

By Melanie Vangas, Point Park News Service:

Stressing about finals and her remaining two years of college, Michelle Azadi found herself thinking of a distant vacation destination, even if it might take some time before she can afford it.

Josue Acosta counts down the days until his arrival in paradise. “Spring break is all about forgetting school and having a great time,” Acosta said.

As spring break nears, some students are seeking budget-savvy ways to enjoy their time off from school, while others will be working to save for later excursions.

Monica Marquez, Nick Buzzeli and Azadi share a common belief in buckling down during break to save money for the remainder of the school year.

Yet, Samantha Ducker said she shares the same sentiments as Acosta and spends the week chasing waves and restoring happiness.

Azadi, who attends the State University of New York at Stony Brook, said the highlight of her vacation is working longer hours to save money, with a possible one-day splurge of fun.

“(It) doesn’t have to be a vacation, just doing something different because it’s important to just piece together my life and organize, which I rarely get to do,” Azadi said.

Acosta, a junior at State University of New York at Cortland, reminisced about the unforgettable experiences of past spring breaks.

Last year, his destination was Panama to visit his family. He recalled waking up early and going for long runs on the beach. The smell of onions and salchichas (sausage) filled his grandmother’s home as she cooked.

With a flight and hotel already booked, Acosta said he is headed for Cancun this year with classmates.

Duquesne University student Buzzeli works long hours, but instead of saving for school and living expenses, he puts his money aside in a vacation account. Once the account is full, he rewards himself with a weekend vacation with friends.

“I do it in hopes that it gets all of the stress out of my system and therefore, when I come back home and back to school, I feel refreshed and motivated to finish off strong,” he said.

Marquez, a student at State University of New York at New Paltz, used spring break to work with her mother in the sanitation department at a local hospital to build up her bank accounts and have some spending money for food, outings and school needs.

Instead of spending her spring break under her parents’ roof, catching up on much needed sleep, Penn State University student Ducker chose to book a trip for this year’s break and spend some time with her boyfriend, who recently relocated to San Diego.

She said she is looking forward to “having that college spring break experience that everyone always talks about.”

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