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Pierce the Veil bassist promises energy, fun in current tour

Preciado is on the far right, and the photo credit goes to Adam Elmakias.
Pierce the Veil, with bassist Jaime Preciado on the far right. Photo by Adam Elmakias.

By Jessica Federkeil, Point Park News Service:

After spending most of 2014 writing and recording its new album, alternative rock band Pierce the Veil brought “The World Tour” to Pittsburgh for two shows, with Sleeping With Sirens, Feb. 10-11 at Stage AE, North Shore. Pierce the Veil’s bassist Jaime Preciado called in from the band’s tour stop in Kansas City to discuss the shows.

Q: You’ve been back on tour for a little over a week. How has leg two of “The World Tour” been?

A: We’ve been waiting to get back on tour since we got off the first leg. We were off tour in the writing and recording process pretty much all of 2014. Then we basically had a month off. We are just excited to be back on the road again. The shows have been great. The tour is going great!

Q: Pierce The Veil played two shows at Stage AE. That doesn’t happen often. What were your expectations?

A: I like when we get to play two nights in a city because we get to check out the city. A lot of the time we don’t really get to explore too much. Getting to stay in the same city we get to go out and see things because we know we aren’t going anywhere. … I think Pittsburgh is a really cool city. The venue (Stage AE) is really awesome as well. It’s like right next to Heinz Field. It’s a pretty cool venue; we’ve played there a couple of times.

Q: Being from San Diego, what do you think of the winter weather?

A: We were in Omaha, Neb., last night, and it was like two degrees outside. It’s so rough. As California dudes, we are struggling. Our motto is, ‘Layer up.’ It’s pretty nice here in Kansas City right now, but I know it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.

Q: This isn’t your first tour with Sleeping With Sirens. What is it like touring with them again?

A: The shows have been crazy. It’s a great idea being on tour with those dudes. Everywhere we go is pretty special, especially because we have that song (“King For A Day”) with Kellin Quinn (lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens). We thought it would be good for the fans to see both bands. The first time we toured with them was in 2012, so it’s really awesome to see how we both have grown. The fact that we can get together and do a tour where we are at now, and play the kind of rooms we are playing. Like we are playing two nights in Pittsburgh, we never thought that would ever happen. But this tour kind of lets that happen.

Q. Pierce the Veil won best live band at the Alternative Press Music Awards. What makes your live show stand out?

A: I would like to think a lot of different things. We try to put a lot of effort into our live shows. The fact that we got the award is probably one of the biggest things they could have given us. Every tour we try to step it up do something creative or fun. We try to get the fans involved. We want the fans to have a memory of the show when they walk away. We want them to think, ‘I want to see that band again.’ We want to have fun on stage, and we want the audience to have fun.

Q: What is it like getting to meet the fans every night?

A: As a band, that’s something we’ve always done. We try to get closer to the fans. Say, ‘Thanks for listening,’ and sometimes they say, ‘Thanks’ back. I think it’s awesome. A lot of bands are missing out on that human element. Just shaking hands, and saying, ‘What’s up?’, taking the time out even when it’s not a meet and greet. I still remember meeting a couple of people from bands when I was younger. I still remember having that cool five-second interaction to this day. There are times where we just can’t, but those times that we can, we definitely try to make that effort. It means a lot, and it’s the least we can do.

Q. Do you ever take a step back to see how the band has grown?

A: Sometimes. It’s hard because you are on tour all the time, and when you aren’t on tour, you’re in the studio. For example, the two nights in Pittsburgh in a venue like Stage AE, it’s definitely humbling. The fact that we can even play arenas is blowing my mind.

Q. Then the question everyone is asking, how is the album coming?

A: It’s getting there. We just have to finish the final little pieces of it. The plan is to put it out later this year.

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