By Darlene Natale

Point Park News Service

John Hanger told reporters and voters that he will be the Governor for all Pennsylvanians. “This is about the 100%, it is about all of us, It is about the Commonwealth.” Photo by Darlene Natale, Point Park News Service

Former Department of Environmental Protection Chief John Hanger came to Pittsburgh November 29th and announced his goal of making Thomas Corbett a one-term governor. The Hershey Democrat said his campaign for governor is about education, the economy, and the environment.

Hanger called Corbett’s cuts to education “irresponsible destructive cuts” that are harmful to our economy today and cripples it for the future.  Hanger addressed a small group of reporters, voters, and alternative energy industry employees outside the Creative and Performing Arts(CAPA) school in downtown Pittsburgh.

“There isn’t unlimited money.  Choices do have to be made.  But this governor put education funding at the bottom of the pile.  I’ll put it on top,” Hanger said.  He promised an economic policy that builds on all the state’s strengths including education, medicine, agriculture, and “all our energy resources-not simply natural gas.”

Every other state with major natural gas production has a drilling tax according to Hanger.  The 55-year-old former Public Utility commissioner said that Standard & Poor’s economic rating agency released a report that Marcellus gas has the lowest production cost and is the most profitable shale gas in the country.

“If there’s any shale gas in the United States that can have a reasonable tax placed on it, it is right here,” Hanger said Pennsylvania should tax natural gas production.

Hanger is the first Democrat to announce for the 2014 Governor’s race.