Working People Give Insight on Pittsburgh’s 2012 Light Up Night

During the day, the working people dominate the streets of Pittsburgh.  When the sun goes down, the night crowds emerge to come together with family and friends and enjoy the festivities of Light Up Night.

As Mike Smith accurately states, “It’s all about the kids, the music, and the crowds.”  Enjoying coffee with his fellow coworker in Market Square, he continued to describe his anticipation of celebrating the 2012 Light Up Night revelries with his wife and daughter.  Nathan Gray, a visitor to Pittsburgh from out of town, plans to celebrate the night’s festivities with his girlfriend.  Like Mike, Nathan is excited about tonight’s variety of music; Dancing Queen, Kenny Blake Quartet, and The Billy Price Band will all be featured playing holiday specials.

Local KDKA meteorologist Dennis Bowman, who has experienced Light Up Night for many years in his reporting, gave an inside scoop on why so many people come to Pittsburgh just for this major event.  He described the atmosphere as “safe and happy;” people feel very secure and are able to fully enjoy the night’s events.

Nancy Mimless, another Pittsburgh local, explains her experience with Crocker Park’s Light Up Night in Ohio.  It’s a smaller area and more intimate than Pittsburgh’s, and they do not have fireworks, which are a popular aspect of this town’s tradition.

It’s all a combination of Pittsburgh’s downtown atmosphere, entertainment, and tradition that make Light Up Night special.