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Gearing up for the ski and snowboard season

Gearing up for the ski and snowboard season

By Pamela Diana

Point Park News Service

The past winter season was a huge disappointment for skiers and riders in Western Pennsylvania, but area ski and snowboard shops are hoping that the upcoming season will bring lots of snow and are gearing up with rental and buyback deals.

Three Western Pennsylvania ski and snowboard shops are offering great rental deals and buyback programs specifically geared toward families on a budget and also to newcomers to skiing and snowboarding.

“If you don’t want to spend the money for new equipment for your family every couple of years, renting is the way to go.  We have brand new equipment that you can rent for $169 per season and used equipment that starts at $89 per season, and it is all retail grade equipment,“ says owner Jim Jacobs of Peak Ski and Snowboard in Monroeville.

The rental package consists of skis and poles or a snowboard, boots and a helmet.  The shop offers free tuning and waxing on the equipment during the season as well.  There’s no extra charge if the equipment breaks, if a child’s feet grow and need larger boots, or if a renter needs a longer snowboard or skis.

According to Peak Ski and Snowboard’s website, their season rental rates are as follows:  a junior ski package is $89 and up; an adult ski package is $99 and up; a junior snowboard package is $109 and up; and an adult snowboard package is $119 and up.

Peak Ski and Snowboard in Monroeville and Gibsonia has contracts with about 20 different schools and rents to approximately 3,000-4,000 people per season.  They also offer students a School Club Discount Loyalty Card that can be used in their shops.

Willi’s Ski and Snowboard Shops in Monroeville, North Hills, Seven Springs, Greensburg (outlet), Castle Shannon and Fairfax, Virginia, offer a Junior Equipment Buyback Program for children up to 14 years old.

“You can get anything you want, and we’ll guarantee a price back to you,” says Greg Klein, owner of Willi’s Ski and Snowboard Shop. Klein says at the end of the first season you would get a 50% buyback rate and at the end of the second season a 25% buyback rate.  He says you have the option to keep the equipment for the next season or to hand it down to younger children.

If your child’s feet grow during the season and need larger boots, you can exchange them with binding adjustments and safety checks at no cost, according to a Willi’s Junior Ski and Snowboard Program YouTube video.

Gerry Greisenegger, owner of Fox Chapel Ski and Board in Blawnox, says that they offer a season rental buyback program for children, as well as an adult ski and snowboard rental program.  In their program, they will buy back the equipment when your child outgrows it and give you credit towards new equipment, plus the bindings.

According to their website, the toddler ski rental rate is $139, the junior ski rental rate is $149, the junior snowboard rental is rate $169, the adult new ski rental is rate $249, the adult used ski rental rate is $189, and adult new snowboard rental rate is $199.

So if you tried skiing or snowboarding and still aren’t sure if you want to make such a big purchase or if you have a family and don’t want to spend an upwards of $500 for one child, renting may be the way to go.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort daily ski rental rates for children 11 and under is $36 and snowboard rental rate is $41.  Adult ski rental rate is $42 and snowboard rental rate is $45.  Hidden Valley Resort (peak times) daily ski rentals rates are $29 and snowboard rental rates are $35.



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