Pandemic causes mental health to take a tumble

By Donald Bierhals Mental health professionals provide insight on how COVID-19 is causing anxiety and depression – and how to cope with it Amanda Ranalli and Shannon Stonebrook, both licensed mental health counselors in the Pittsburgh area with a combined 25 plus years of experience, have observed more anxiety and depression amongst their patients during the Covid-19 riddled year of... Read More

Point Park Filmmaking through the COVID lens

By Vanessa Vivas When cinema major Noah Kelley Lockette pictured long hours on set for his senior year at Point Park, masks, script rewrites, and last-minute recasts were never part of the picture. As an ambitious senior, Lockette admitted to piling on projects without knowing what he had signed up for. “For the feature, I’m filming, we had recast the... Read More

Point Park’s UCC creates the capacity to help all students mentally

By: Zoey Angelucci In the times of a pandemic, Point Park University’s Counseling Center has done its best to create the capacity to serve all students and their mental health needs. By catering to students’ anxieties, isolation, stress, and other mental maladies during this isolating COVID-19 scare, the UCC’s team has put all students first through this pandemic. “What we... Read More

Walking Libations Tour

Informative and Sample Heavy Tour Offers Incite to Strip District By Hattie Charney Wigle Whiskey on Smallman Street kicks off the history and libations tour with their bourbon and rye whiskeys. Maggie’s Farm Rum and Pennsylvania Winery bring in groups of like-liquor minded people. Pennsylvania Libations is a roundup of the above places and of distilleries all across Pennsylvania. Marta... Read More

Historic Neighborhoods Slowly Vanishing

A Problem that Only the Natives Understand By Tiara Strong The $32 million Cap Park project is currently under construction in Downtown Pittsburgh. The park is said to reconnect the lower Hill District to downtown, bringing investment opportunities and jobs to the residents of the Hill District. However, not everyone is buying it, as Hill District residents have heard this... Read More

Introduction to COVID-19 Personal Essays

As we end this surreal online semester brought about by the COVID-19 crisis that stilled our campus, our city, our state, our nation and world, I asked my JOUR 257 Feature and Interpretive Writing class students to add one last assignment to their now-online course: a personal essay.  I wanted the students to not only write something for me but... Read More